What are the types of degradable films?

April 15, 2022


What are the types of degradable films?

There are two types of degradable films: photodegradable and biodegradable.

Light degradable films: It is adding a photosensitive agent to the plastic resin or introducing a photosensitive gene into the polymer chain makes the polymer itself very sensitive to light. Such as degradable material OPP and CPP.

The Common photodegradation film is composed of polyolefin, inorganic filler, photosensitizer, etc., and processed by general molding method.

Biodegradable films: It is Plastic film that can be decomposed into low molecular compounds by microorganisms in the natural state. Like PLA, see the brown kraft paper and PLA combination as below. It is much hot combination in these near year. More detail contact us now!

biodegradable bag
biodegradable bag (2)

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