What color looks good with food bags? (What color picture is good for the snack bag?)

January 17, 2023

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How to match colors in packaging design1, blue, green, whiteBlue, green and white are mostly used in cold drinks, quick-frozen food and green food packaging. The use of blue in cold drinks and quick-frozen foods is to give people a sense of coolness. Blue is the image color of frozen foods. In addition, blue and green are also widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, such as sedative and antipyretic drugs, because green symbolizes tranquility, health and vitality.Both blue and green have a fresh and refreshing feeling, and have become common colors for food packaging and decoration. In the use of green, we should also pay attention to the use of light green, light green and fresh effects like young leaves.2,redRed can make products sell well. Red is a color that has a lot to do with deliciousness. Such as: tomatoes, ketchup and watermelons suitable for all ages are mostly red;Meat products such as beef and mutton are also red and fresh. Especially in the aspect of product sales, if red is used on packaging, the products can give people bright, delicious, exciting and full of human touch. Whenever we walk into a food store, the first thing that catches our eyes is the red packaging. striking. This is the result of the effective use of color psychology on packaging.Red is widely used in packaging design. Needless to say, red is the main color, even as a secondary color, it can make people feel bright. In order to make red more vivid, the auxiliary colors should be properly matched in the order of white-yellow-blue-dark green-yellow-green. The use of black should be cautious. Black is mainly used for text, and the area should not be too large.3, BrownThere is a color that expresses deliciousness——Brown. It represents the unique flavor of foods like coffee, tea, beer, chocolate, whiskey, crispy wafers, cakes. The dark coffee color evokes the tantalizing aroma of baked goods.4,yellowYellow is mostly used in food packaging. Yellow is also a delicious color, which can arouse people’s appetite. Such as bananas, citrus, pineapple, butter, effervescent tablets, etc. Usually yellow can give people a feeling of deliciousness, so using yellow on food packaging will naturally make people feel that the packaging inside must be delicious food.In the decoration design of food packaging, the raw materials, unprocessed products, etc. are represented by photos, which have the effect of direct expression and are easy to understand. The color and graphics constitute the image of the product.The role of color in packaging design1.color transmissionAccording to relevant data analysis: when people’s visual senses observe objects, the initial20In seconds, the color perception accounted for80%, and its shape only accounts for20%;After two minutes, the color sensation accounts for60%, the shape accounts for40%;After five minutes, each takes half, and then the impression of color continues to be maintained in people’s visual memory.which is”Look at the color from a distance, look at the flowers up close”, excellent product advertising color can attract the attention of consumers, effectively convey the information of the product, stimulate and guide consumption.In this process, consumers understand the characteristics of the product, notice its brand, and leave a good memory in their minds, so that consumers can also buy this product next time.2.The role of color in product promotionColor is recognized as a silent salesman, it can grasp the psychology of consumers, cater to consumers’ preferences and meet their needs.Psychological research shows that different colors give people different feelings, for example: red makes people excited, blue gives people visual feelings such as calmness, rationality, broadness and eternity, yellow is bright and bright, black is solemn and solemn, purple is elegant and luxurious, Green symbolizes youthful vitality and so on.For example, on food packaging, warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow are often used to represent the freshness, fragrance, and sweetness of the food.;Match blue, green and white to represent the coolness of cold drinks and quick-frozen food;Use red and deep red to make people feel the spiciness of food, etc.3.The function of color to enhance the grade of goodsWhen an enterprise launches different grades of products of the same brand, the commonly used colors represent the grades of the products.In the cultural customs of our country, purple, gold and silver are often used as noble colors and used for the colors of expensive commodities. Associated with formality, maturity, power and dignity.Other colors are used as ordinary colors, used for advertising colors of ordinary products, to convey product information to consumers, and to give people an affordable and friendly feeling.Recommended related articles: What is the raw material of plastic food bags? What is the safest material for food bags?Relevant knowledge development:What color picture is good for the snack bag?Answer: Snack bags can be made of red and orange, which can promote appetite.

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