What green and general packaging bags we will see in the Beijing2022 Winter Olympic Games?

March 4, 2022


What green and general packaging bag we will see in the Beijing2022 Winter Olympic Games?

Green Winter Olympics is an important concept of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, which requires that venue facilities, technical support, and energy use all meet environmental protection requirements. There will be a lot of environmental protection elements in the Winter Olympics, such as tableware, plastic bags, and packaging bags.

In order to reduce the whiteness of white, China Sinopec extended the competition period to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics following Beijing Petroleum. During the event, Zhangshanying Town opened 100,000 EasyJet degradable bags. Excellent biodegradability, under the condition of water and fertilizer mechanics throughout the life cycle, can effectively reduce the stability and performance of white, and make the durability of plastic bags.

Beijing2022 Winter Olympic Games
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For example, the old uniforms and equipment of the Beijing Olympic Games use the green environmental protection concepts and environmental protection concepts of design, production, production and other activities. At various Winter Olympics and venues where waste plastic products are recycled and recycled, the production of equipment recycling bags is environmentally friendly. Materials; packaging degradable masterbatches in 80-day production bags, more than 1%.

  • Customized style 100% food grade bags
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