What is a digital printing bag?

April 29, 2022


What is digital printing bag?

Digital printing is the digitization of printing technology, it is very popular in packaging bags.

Digital printing is a new printing method that directly prints computer files on the bag, which is different from the tedious process of traditional printing, thus it can save more cost if LOW quantity.

digital printing bag
  1. A Digital printing bag is all digital information transmission, leaving out the film and printing plate in the mechanism version, so it also can save production time than a traditional printing bag.
  2. The information of the digitally printed bags can be 100% variable on the next time order.
  3. Digital printing is the process of using a digital printing system to directly convert digital information into printed matter.
  4. In the market, digital printing machines with electrostatic imaging and inkjet imaging are the mainstream.

Because digital printing does not need the complicated process of traditional offset printing, it only needs the computer to send the finished product to the printing press, it is impossible to achieve traditional printing in urgent printing, variable printing, and on-demand printing. Therefore, the digital printing industry really caters to the rapid printing needs of commercial printing products with each passing day. The development speed is quite fast, and the development space is very large.

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