What is copper plate/ cylinder? Why cost me this fee?

February 3, 2023


What is copper plate/cylinder? Why cost me this fee?

As our customer know or doubt, it will have a cost of copper plate/cylinder cost when making a custom printing bag, but why it will charge this? Here we will give a clear explanation. 

Copper plate, some of our customer also called cylinder, that are same meaning, on the below we will call it cylinder. 

On our gravure printing, it is use cylinders to finish the custom design on our 10 colors printing machine.

In the printing process and technique, one custom printing color will match one cylinder that can make the colors to match a whole bag design very well.  

copper plate

One other benefit is cylinders is one time cost, that is, we can reuse them on this future order. 

This printing method is quite recommend on mass production, if you have design printing on the bag this will have a cylinder cost of them, and it only charge on printing bag, if unprinted bag, this will not any cost of these. 

Welcome to contact with us if you would like to see more details of customized bag. 

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