What is the difference between pure aluminum foil packaging and aluminized packaging? How to differentiate?

January 26, 2023

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There is a difference between pure aluminum foil packaging and aluminized packaging, and many people confuse the two. In fact, in terms of performance and price, there is a big difference between the two. Which one to choose depends on the specific product performance.1. What is the difference between aluminum foil packaging bags and aluminized packaging bags?Aluminum foil bags are actually made of various plastic films and99.9%bag made of pure aluminum layer, then sealed and cut by a bag making machine. Aluminized packaging bags are coated with a thin layer of aluminum powder on the plastic film to play a decorative role. The surface of aluminum foil is very clean and hygienic, no microorganisms can grow on the surface, and it can be in direct contact with food without worrying about endangering human health.From the material point of view, the pure aluminum bag is pure aluminum with high purity, which is a soft material; the aluminum-plated bag is mixed with a composite material, which is a brittle material.In terms of performance, the heat dissipation effect of pure aluminum foil is better than that of aluminum-coated bags. Pure aluminum bags are completely shading, while aluminum-coated bags have a shading effect. Since the interlayer of the aluminum foil bag is pure aluminum foil, its moisture-proof, light-proof, waterproof, and anti-oxidation effects are much stronger than that of the aluminum-plated packaging bag. As an opaque packaging material, pure aluminum foil has a good protective effect on products exposed to sunlight, such as oily products, solid beverages, coffee, etc. No matter at high temperature or low temperature, aluminum foil will not have a kind of penetration phenomenon. The air permeability and moisture permeability are low, which can well protect the products in the bag.In terms of use, both kinds of packaging bags can be printed with patterns, the aluminum foil bag feels softer, and the aluminized bag feels harder. Therefore, aluminum foil bags are more suitable for food (such as rice, meat products, cooked food, etc.), medicine, chemical products, some electronic accessories, mechanical accessories, etc. Aluminum foil pouches are often used due to the airtightness required. Aluminum-plated bags are mostly used for fast-moving consumer goods (tea, powder, etc.). That’s not to say that aluminum-coated bags are bad, it just proves that aluminum-coated packaging is a great deal.In terms of cost, aluminum foil bags use more aluminum than aluminized bags, so the production cost of aluminum foil bags is higher than that of aluminized bags.2. How to distinguish between aluminum foil packaging bags and aluminized packaging bags?The first method is to observe with the naked eye. The appearance of the aluminum foil bag is opaque, silvery white, and can reflect luster. The brightness of the aluminized bag is slightly weaker, and the aluminized bag is more reflective and can illuminate the shadow of a person. Facing the bag to the sun or light, the one that can transmit light is an aluminum-coated bag, and the one that is opaque is a pure aluminum foil bag.The second method is to touch it by hand. Pure aluminum foil is a soft material with a certain degree of ductility, so it feels thicker and crisper. Aluminum-coated bags are brittle materials and feel softer than pure aluminum foil bags.The third method is to use fire. Aluminum foil is not easy to burn with a fire point, the aluminum layer will roll back, and the aluminum foil packaging will leave gray aluminum slag after burning. When the aluminized film is fired, different plastic films can be burned, and there is no aluminum slag residue.

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