What is the ideal biodegradable material?

January 18, 2022


What is the ideal biodegradable material?

First of all, let’s popularize degradable plastic material. Degradable plastics are divided into biodegradable plastics, thermal oxidation degradable plastics, photodegradable plastics and compostable plastics.

They all “biodegradable”, but the cost of thermally oxidized and photodegradable plastics differs several times from that of biodegradable and compostable plastics.

Oxygen-degraded and photodegraded plastics are said to “disappear” from the earth only after being exposed to heat or light for a period of time.

But it is this low-cost and “disappearing” material that has been called “PM2.5 of the plastics industry”, because these two degradation techniques can only degrade the plastic into tiny, invisible particles, they can’t make it disappear, by virtue of their small and light properties, these particles are invisible in air, soil and water and are eventually inhaled by organisms.

ideal biodegradable material

The ideal biodegradable plastic would be a “fully biodegradable material”. At present, the widely used biodegradable material is polylactic acid (PLA), which is made of starch, corn and other biological materials

Through soil burial, composting, freshwater degradation, marine degradation and other processes, the material can be completely degraded by microorganisms into water and carbon dioxide, with no additional burden on the environment.

The Introduction and feature Of PLA

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