What is the melting point of plastic bags? (The melting point of plastic bags is most suitable.)

January 24, 2023

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What is the melting point of plastic bags?The melting point of plastic bags is100-130℃. If the ambient temperature reaches50When the temperature is above ℃, the ordinary plastic bag will deform and shrink, and if it continues for a long time, it will shrink into a ball. The thinner the plastic bag, the faster the deformation and shrinkage. If it is a composite bag, the heat it can withstand will be much higher. The molding of plastic bags must rely on various additives. When encountering high temperature, the volatilized additives are harmful to human health, and inhalation of this gas should be avoided.Related recommended articles: What is a food-grade plastic bag. What is the difference between food-grade plastic bags and non-food-grade plastic bags?Relevant knowledge development:The melting temperature of plastic bags?Plastics are formed from different substances, so the range of softening or melting is also different.polyvinyl acetate 35~85℃Polyoxymethylene 165~185℃polystyrene 70~115℃Polypropylene 160~170℃PVC 75~90℃nylon 12 170~180℃plastics are organic,non-crystalline,Not suitable for melting point definition, so no melting point. Melting point is the temperature at which a solid changes (melts) its state of matter from solid to liquid. The temperature at which the opposite action occurs (that is, from liquid to solid) is called the freezing point. Unlike boiling point, melting point is little affected by pressure.

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