What is the Special-Shaped Bag?

April 22, 2022


What is the Special-Shaped Bag?

Shenzhen Haoxiang Plastic Packing is a modern large-scale production enterprise of plastic flexible packaging integrating color printing and bag making. We are a one-stop service integrating special-shaped bag research and development, design, and production. Today we would like to introduce to you what is special-shaped packaging bag.

Special-Shaped Bag

In fact, it is not a traditional square packaging bag, but an irregular shape, which requires a mold to make. Due to its unique shape and strong appeal to consumers, the special-shaped bag has gradually become a flexible packaging manufacturer to improve selling points and improve products. One of the means of competitiveness is gradually becoming popular all over the world.

Special-Shaped Bag (3)

The special-shaped bag is a kind of commonly used regular three-side sealing bag, middle-sealing bag, and four-side sealing bag with different and special flexible packaging bags, which are widely used in food, daily chemicals, toys, electronics, and other fields. Common special-shaped bags in life include three-sided sealing bags, stand-up special-shaped bags, special-shaped stand-up bags with nozzle, etc.

Special-Shaped Bag (2)

The special-shaped bag breaks through the traditional packaging bag, changing the straight edge of the bag into a curved edge, thus reflecting different design styles, with the characteristics of the novel, simple, clear, easy to identify, and highlighting the brand image. The appearance of special-shaped bags is of great significance to the expansion of packaging design forms. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in them!

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