What kind of bag type can be a garment packing bag?

March 28, 2022


What kind of bag type can be a garment packing bag?

Garment packing bags can be used for underwear, T-shirt, sock, shoes even daily use, normal type that our customers prefer is the zipper bag, and slider ziplock bag, with the market trend, will make with compostable material, Kraft paper, PLA, etc.

garment packing bag

Garment bags also make with our customers’ LOGO, from 1-8 colors, and various sizes make for different items.

A handle garment bag is also very necessary for market, this garment bag can be reused and recyclable, on the first hand, it is convenient when shop or out side, on the other hand, the material of this garment bag is eco friendly, protect environment.

Garment bag

More types of garment packing bags as below:

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