What kind of zipper can add to a food bag?

September 12, 2022


What kind of zipper can add to a food bag?

Here we will introduce different zipper types for different packing.

  1. Normal zipper
  2. Double zipper
  3. E-shape zipper

For most of the packaging, a normal zipper is enough to use for storing food, such as mixed nuts, powder, pet food, etc.

food bag 22.9.12 food bag 22.9.12 (3)

Double zipper we will usually use in baby food bags, for example, the squeeze bag to pack puree, one side with a spout and another side would be a double zipper.

food bag 22.9.12 (2)

If some food like coffee and pet food needs upgrade packaging, clients will choose an E-shape zipper, which can be more good-looking and convenient to use, too.

food bag 22.9.12 (5)food bag 22.9.12 (4) 


The above zipper types can be added to all food bag styles, such as stand-up food bags, vacuum food bags, spout food bags, and even Kraft paper food bags, same as our bag material, the zipper is also food-grade material.

Welcome to contact us for more details about the food bag you need.

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