What material can be face mask packing?

March 17, 2023


What material can be face mask packing?

For face mask bag, we firstly will recommend the light proof material: aluminum foil material.

As we know cosmetics packaging need to keep the products 2-3 years, light proof material will better keep product, especially for the products with high active ingredients. 

face mask packing

For face mask packing bag, most of them will make with MATTE surface, they would more good looking, and also good feeling on touch. 

Another material is Kraft paper/aluminum foil/PE, this is Kraft paper which is nature material and also light proof.

For short time packaging, PET/PE or MattOPP/PET/PE also the suitable, they are frosted the material itself.

All of them can do custom design printing from 1-10 colors, welcome to contact with us for more details of face mask bag.

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