What material we recommend for liquid detergent stand up pouch?

February 16, 2022


What material we recommend for liquid detergent stand up pouch?

As the advantages of flexible packaging are understood by more consumers, and with the continuous strengthening of social environmental awareness, the use of flexible packaging instead of a bottle, flexible packaging of the stand-up pouches is bound to become a trend, usually use for liquid detergent stand-up pouches.

Requirements of detergent packaging: high strength, impact resistance, burst resistance, good barrier properties, good rigidity and can stand upright, resistance to stress cracking, and good sealing.

liquid detergent stand up pouch
liquid detergent stand up pouch (2)

Design structure:


The above structure has good barrier property and high rigidity of the material, which is suitable for stand up pouch bags, and has good bottom flexibility.

The inner layer is modified PE, which has good anti-sealing pollution.

PET improves the water resistance and strength of the material.

Tell us your product, we will give the suitable material suggestions!

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