What plastic bags can be used as food bags? (Which plastic bags can hold food)

January 19, 2023

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We all like to use plastic bags for shopping now, it is convenient, but you know its dangers. Not long ago, the national standard for plastic shopping bags was officially announced to the society. So what kind of plastic bags can hold food?There are many kinds of plastic shopping bags, but plastic products that directly contact or hold food are allowed, especially plastic bags that only have polyethylene and polypropylene plastics. These two kinds of plastics cannot add additives when making food bags, so they are basically non-toxic. It is a product allowed by the country, but the price is more expensive.Short answer: What plastic bags can be used as food bags?1.In daily life, if we go to the supermarket and buy this kind of plastic bag, it is not suitable for putting hot food or meat food. After all, there is no problem with using them at room temperature, but when they are fresh, they may cause many problems.2.In this case, we use plastic bags when storing fresh food, and we must usePEMaterial storage bag. As for other bags, it is recommended that you do not choose. CurrentlyPEPlastic bags made of different materials can be used in a variety of scenarios.3.even thoughPEThe effect of fresh-keeping bags made of materials is good, but it also has certain disadvantages, such as not being resistant to high temperatures.80When the temperature is high, there will be dissolution and decomposition and so on.4.secondlyPEFresh-keeping bags made of high-quality materials cannot be in contact with oil for a long time, because its material will decompose and dissolve directly in the oil when it is in contact with oil for a long time.Related article recommendation: Are food bags sterile? (What is a sterile bag?)Relevant knowledge development:Which plastic bags can hold foodPlastic bags have a wide range of applications, especially plastic bags for food packaging, which should attract our attention. Plastic bags are generally made of two types of plastic films: one is made of polyethylene, polypropylene and melamine; the other is made of polyvinyl chloride. The former is non-toxic, while the latter is toxic and cannot be packaged for food.The toxicity of plastic bags can be identified by the following simple methods.Water detection method: Put the plastic bag into the water. After the non-toxic plastic bag is put into the water, it can emerge from the water, but the toxic plastic bag does not float upward.Hand touch detection method: touch the plastic bag with your hands, and those with lubricating feeling are non-toxic.Shake detection method: Grab one end of the plastic bag with your hand and shake it vigorously. If it makes a crisp sound, it is non-toxic, otherwise it is poisonous.Fire detection method: You can cut a small piece of plastic bag and burn it with fire. The poisonous ones are not easy to burn, and the non-toxic ones are easy to burn when exposed to fire.

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