What points should be paid attention to when printing the barcode of the packaging bag?

December 31, 2022

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What points should be paid attention to when printing the barcode of the packaging bag?1. In order to ensure correct scanning and reading, the barcode printed on the packaging bag should be neat and clear, and the barcode should not have obvious defects and blank marks, and there should be no redundant residual black spots. In general, the largest diameter of blemishes and stains should not exceed the width of the narrowest barcode0.4times.2. Controlling the size error of the barcode is the guarantee to increase the reading rate of the reading device and reduce the decoding error rate. This not only needs to improve the quality requirements of plate making, printing or printing, but also needs to improve the allowable error requirements of the reading device.3. In order to be able to read and identify accurately and reliably, the bars and spaces in the printed barcode should have obvious contrast signals. The greater the contrast signal of a barcode, the better its reading performance.4. In the printing process, the printing tolerance must be strictly controlled, otherwise it will affect the reading and recognition effect.Fifth, the edge roughness of the barcode of the plastic packaging bag must have certain requirements. When the roughness is too large, it cannot be read.The above are the five points that should be paid attention to when printing barcodes on plastic packaging bags.

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