What type of material combination is in the biscuit package?

May 16, 2022


What type of materials combination is in the biscuit package?


The package for biscuit general is aluminum foil or pure aluminum foil combination etc. The excellent combination is BOPP/AL/PE, it can take a high barrier, well sealing, and is puncture-resistant.

BOPP(20)/VMCPP(25-30) combination: High Moisture-proof, oil proof, light proof, barrier, stay smell.

biscuit package(2)

BOPP/VMPET/CPP(PE), PET/VMPET/PE combination: Excellent barrier, strong light proof, odorless and tasteless, oil resistance; additional, the material of PET is suitable to cool sealing.

OPP/CPP combination: fewer charges, well shelf life, can hold till six months.

biscuit package (3)

PA/PE, PET/PE combination: Well barrier, light proof, sealing and strength, can keep the shelf life over 6~12 month.

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