What type of spout pouch we can make now?

September 14, 2022


What type of spout pouch we can make now?

spout pouch 22.9.14 (2) spout pouch 22.9.14 (3)

spout pouch 22.9.14 (4) spout pouch 22.9.14

See the above pictures which are our new ones made with our custom logo design and there have other types also. If you would like to get some samples of spout pouches to check contact us now!

Ok. I going to tell guys some detail about the customized spout pouch and how to choose the suitable materials for your product. There will have three option as follow:

  1. The product confirms at first. 
  2. To save the smell, excellent barrier.
  3. Handle attach or without a handle.

For example: 

Acid beverage: PET/PE; PA/PE; PET/VMPET/PE.

Neutral beverage: PET/AL/CPP; PET/AL/PA/CPP; PA/AL/CPP.

The final raw materials compose we will check and suggest according to your product to make the best solution for you. Contact us to get more, thanks.:)

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