What will the packaging bag factory do before shipment?

November 2, 2022


What will the packaging bag factory do before shipment?

The purpose is to check whether the produced products meet the product requirements and prevent defective products from flowing out of the factory.

Our quality department has received regular education and training before taking up its post. The following tools will be used to help detect quality.

For example:

  1. Test the flexibility of the bag with a pulling machine
  2. Measure the size of the bag with a ruler
  3. Glue can be used in handcrafted bags
  4. The hammer is used for the plastic wrist on the top of the bag, etc.

packaging bag factory

The test procedure is as follows:

  1. Start a single check
  2. Batch sampling
  3. Enter the finished product warehouse after it is qualified
  4. Packing shipment

If there is any unqualified situation, we will conduct the third and fourth tests again, count the defective products to the factory, and coordinate with the customer to deal with the problem.

packaging bag factory

packaging bag factory





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