What’s the type of spout and cap that we could choose?

January 12, 2022


What’s the type of spout and cap that we could choose?

Food Grade Plastic Spout And Cap

The raw materials of plastic spout and cap that we use are 100% FOOD Grade LLDPE. See as follow type which is very generally use on the liquid pouch, as for the internal diameter we provide the small one is 2.5mm and the biggest one is 40mm and 60mm. The cap colors usually are white for all of our customers. But if you have another request on the colors we accept to customize as you need as well. Contact us to know more detail about that.

spout and cap (6)
  1. This type will add a small round aluminum foil on the top to keep the product stay inside the pouch before use. The raw materials will be PE/PP/Foil. If you want to package some product that should have a high barrier, such as skin lotion.
spout and cap (5)
  1. This type of raw material is LLDPE/PP. This nozzle has a cap and can be used repeatedly when you would like to push the bag’s product out using it, open them; after finished, closed to saved. It is much convenient for skincare packages, especially, when we travel or go have camping. Easy to take outside and portable. It is approved for food-grade also.
spout and cap
  1. Here is the small spout which size of 3.5mm and 2.5mm internal diameter as below. Using Food grade HDPE and other raw materials for processing, feel comfortable, convenient rotation. It is Strong sealing when combined with packaging bag.
spout and cap (4)
spout and cap (3)
  1. The type internal diameter is 5mm and cap is 9.4mm. There’s a little rotating lid on top. It is popular use for split charging liquid product.
spout and cap (2)
  1. It is use HDPE and LDPE etc raw materials to make sspout and apple/mushroom plastic cap on top, 100% food grade used. This type are much popular use for beverage, jelly cool, fresh milk, soy milk, seasonings etc product.
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