Where are biodegradable bag materials used?

August 29, 2022


Where are biodegradable bag materials used?

Biodegradable materials refer to the degradation caused by the action of microorganisms existing in nature in nature such as soil, sandy soil, or under specific conditions such as compost, anaerobic digestion, or aqueous culture solution, and finally wholly degraded into carbon dioxide, water, and new materials, biomass material.

1. Biodegradable Bag Material Used in inDisposable Product

Such as lunch boxes, straws, garbage bags, express bags, disposable cups, disposable knives, forks, spoons, disposable gloves, one-time wash trays, and one-time storage boxes;

Green bags, fresh-keeping bags, plastic wrap, drinking cups, plastic bottles, confectionery, children’s tableware, and paper coatings;

Packaging of confectionery, cosmetics, shampoo, washing liquid, etc.

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2 . Biodegradable Bag Material Used in Industrial Supplies

Such as mobile phone shells, computer shells, keyboards, tape reels, magnetic tapes, IC backplanes, portable phones, air conditioner shells, car interiors, cosmetic boxes, printed films, cards, children’s toys, food packaging, foam packaging;

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3. Biodegradable Bag Material Used in Daily Necessities

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4. Biodegradable Bag Material Used in medical supplies

Such as masks, disposable syringes, medical gloves, infusion bags, mattresses, packaging bags, plastic sutures, surgical clothes, gloves, applied gauze, protective covers, insole, shoes, medical capsules, drug slow-release carriers, artificial devices, etc.

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