Where to find BRC certified packaging bag supplier?

August 22, 2022


Where to find BRC certified packaging bag supplier? 

In 1998, in response to industry demand, the BRC developed the BRC Food Technical Standard to assess the safety of retailers’ own-brand foods. BRC certification has become an internationally recognized food standard, used not only to evaluate retailers’ suppliers but also by many companies to establish their own supplier evaluation systems and production standards for branded products. BRC has also issued other global standards, such as the Consumer Product Standard and the Food Packaging Standard. 

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Haoxiang Packaging has been certified and continues to maintain this update. We follow food safety standards, with packaging safety, legality, and high quality.

Our main packaging bags include plastic bags, Kraft paper bags, and biodegradable&recyclable bags, for many kinds of food, coffee, powder, snack, even liquid, etc. 

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