Which cosmetics packaging is your favorite?

September 28, 2022


Which cosmetics packaging is your favorite?

The most popular bag type is for a sample pack, that is our 3 sides sealing bag, bags can be printed in 1-10 colors, and also can do it with matte material or glossy material.

3 sides sealing bag (2) 3 sides sealing bag

Another popular packaging for cosmetics is a spout pouch, many customers will use the spout pouch to pack shampoo, cream, lotion, oil, etc. Our custom spout pouch for cosmetics can be made in different capacities, sizes, and with different sizes.

spout pouch 22.9.28(2) spout pouch 22.9.28

What bag material will recommend for packing cosmetics? Surely aluminum foil! Because lightproof is better to protect their ingredients. 


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