Why are some ketchup packets not easy to tear?

January 6, 2023

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As a nutritious condiment, tomato paste is widely welcomed in the market. At present, the packaging of ketchup finally includes bags, fillings and bottles. Among them, bags are the most widely used because of their convenience. But some friends found that some ketchup packets are difficult to tear. Considering the characteristics of ketchup itself, the materials selected for ketchup packaging bags are relatively better. Generally, materials with high barrier properties, good sealing performance, and chemical resistance are selected, and the heat-sealing strength is relatively high to avoid the phenomenon of air permeability. Coupled with the small size and small force surface, it is difficult to open the package by destroying the heat-sealed edge of the ketchup packaging film, so most ketchup packages have jagged edges. However, sometimes it is torn along the sawtooth, and the plastic film inside is still connected to the gap, and some composite films will be delaminated. What is the reason for this? yltpackaging Co., Ltd. found that it is not easy to tear or delaminated, which is generally caused by various factors. 1. The first is the quality of the composite material itself. If the quality of one layer of the multi-layer composite film is not up to standard, it may be difficult to tear or easy to separate after the packaging bag is made; 2. Secondly, the glue ratio is unreasonable, the glue viscosity is too low, the adhesive quality is poor, and the coating amount is not enough If it is reasonable (too little, too thick or uneven), it may cause poor composite firmness and layering; 3. Insufficient curing time will cause the bonding between the materials of each layer to be weak; 4. The ratio of various particles is not enough Take control. Therefore, to solve the problem of difficult tearing of tomato sauce bags, it is also necessary to start from the following aspects: 1. Strictly control the raw materials of the packaging bags to ensure that the raw materials are qualified; 2. According to the characteristics of the packaging bag material itself, control the glue ratio and adhesive dosage; 3. . Select skilled technicians and strictly control the curing time; 4. Pay attention to the monitoring of main properties such as peel strength of packaging (empty packaging bag or roll film), heat sealing strength, etc.

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