Why can Spout bag packaging replace hard packaging?

November 14, 2022


Why can Spout bag packaging replace hard packaging?

Spout bags are more popular than hard packaging for the following reasons: 

  1. Low transportation cost-the spout bag is smaller in volume, easier to transport than hard packaging, and reduces the transportation cost;
  2. Lightweight and more environmentally friendly spout bags use 60% less plastic than hard packaging; 
  3. Less content waste-all content taken out of the spout bag accounts for more than 98% of the product, which is higher than that of hard packaging; 
  4. Uniqueness spout bag makes your products stand out in the exhibition; 
  5. Better display effect-the spout bag has enough surface area for you to design and publicize your brand logo; 
  6. Lower carbon emission-the manufacturing process of the spout bag is low in energy consumption, more environmentally friendly and less in carbon dioxide emission; 

Spout bag

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