Why did you choose our packing bag?

August 3, 2022


Why did you choose our packing bag?

★ Meets All Safety Requirements: From dry herbs to hard candies and specialty tea bags to gourmet coffee, our clear front mylar bags are the best food-safe pouches! 

★ Fill, Store, and Sell: We sell our bags to retailers of all kinds! Apothecary shops, jewelry boutiques, and vintage sweet shops love our resealable and smell-proof bags! 

★ Protective Zipper Top Storage Bag: Load contents into the bag fast and either seal with the fast zipper seal or press into a heal sealer above the zipper and tear notches. Preserves freshness and seals in aromas while ensuring no absorption of odors.

★ Airtight, Waterproof, and Leak Proof: Once sealed, trust our bags to protect your goods! No water or air will enter or leak as long as it’s sealed. 

★ Foil Lined with Heavy Duty Plastic Front: Trust our heavy-duty and durable mylar bags to keep food and tobacco fresh, protect your products from dust and humidity, and dependably guard the contents!

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