Why some package bag will residual solvent?

January 11, 2022


Why some package bag will residual solvent?

About the problem view of some package surface still residual solvent is get more attention from all of people at present.

residual solvent

It is necessary to use the kind of different Benzene, alcohols, esters, ketones and other organic solvents as solvents or diluents to ensure all package type produce and go ahead normal. But with the acceleration of the pace of life, the national demand for packaging materials also increases. Some small businesses are overworked by demand. Or some do not control the concept of residual solvent, which leads to a part of the food packaging with excess residual solvent into the market, bringing unnecessary trouble to some consumers.

To ensure and support all of our customer, how avoid this problem?

  • Enough production speed.
  • Drying tunnel temperature.
  • Air volume in drying box.
  • Working concentration of adhesive (ink and solvent content).
  • The amount of glue dry(Ink).
  • Stable conditions of ambient temperature and humidity.
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