Why use fruit and vegetable bags instead of normal plastic bags(1)?

June 1, 2022


Why use fruit&vegetable bags instead of normal plastic bags(1)?

After harvesting, fruits and vegetables are still fresh and full of vitality for a short period of time. In order to maintain or prolong their fresh quality, the “metabolism” of fruits and vegetables after harvesting must be maintained.

fruit and vegetable bags 1

Low temperature and modified atmosphere (modified atmosphere preservation, which uses the method of controlling the proportion of gas to achieve the purpose of storage and preservation) are effective methods for long-term storage and transportation of fruits and vegetables. At this time, users will choose to use vegetable packaging bags to pack fruits and vegetables, and then store them at low temperatures.

Why use fruit&vegetable packing bags instead of plastic bags?

The main reason is that the air permeability and water absorption capacity of vegetable packaging bags are better than plastic bags.

fruit&vegetable bags (2)

Vegetable packaging bags are generally perforated to increase the air permeability of the product, and anti-fogging agents are added to the raw materials, which have the functions of water absorption and antibacterial.

The use of fruit and vegetable packaging bags can effectively control the respiratory metabolism of fruits and vegetables after harvesting, reduce their water loss, prevent the invasion of microorganisms and the action of enzymes, and protect the integrity of fruit and vegetable tissues, so as to achieve the purpose of preservation.

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