Why use fruit and vegetable bags instead of normal plastic bags(2)? 

June 6, 2022


Why use fruit and vegetable bags instead of normal plastic bags(2)?

fruit and vegetable bags

If you have doubts about the use of vegetable packaging bags, you may wish to take a fruit and vegetable bag and a plastic bag for a field test. The operation method is also very simple. The same fruits and vegetables are placed in the two bags, and the quantity is also the same. After they are packed, they are sealed and placed in the air cooler. After the same time, observe the fogging and condensation fog conditions. If you extend the time, you will find that fruits and vegetables in plastic bags will spoil faster than fruits and vegetables in vegetable bags. That’s because vegetable leaves can easily rot and deteriorate when they come into contact with condensation mist.

Of course, it is not only vegetable anti-fog bags that are helpful for the preservation of fruits and vegetables, but also paper boxes, kraft paper bags, multi-layer paper bags, window paper bags, fiber mesh bags, plastic mesh bags, and paper bags with perforations. But vegetable bags are cheaper to use and have better water resistance.

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